Paul Miller
Photo by Christopher, age 4

I’ve been in love with technology since I was a kid. What started with a desire to be an astronaut and explore Mars morphed into a fascination—nay, an obsession—with computers.

My family’s first computer was a Tandy 286. I dominated Typing Tutor IV (yes, I was that nerd). I wrote my first program in BASIC shortly after, and later tried my hand at a text-based adventure game knock-off, a la’ Sierra Online.

Except without the graphics, or the plot, or any of the other stuff that would have definitely made me rich and famous by the age of 11.

That type of early exploration kick-started what ultimately developed into a deep appreciation for organizational systems, and how something as simple as a checklist could improve an entire business.

Today I serve as Vice President of Engineering for Resident Interface, a technology company in the property management industry. I’m accountable for software development and product management, and am honored to lead a team of incredible humans.

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