Classroom of Silence

How just 10 minutes of your time in the classroom of silence can yield wonderful spiritual and psychological results.

I was listening to one of Matthew Kelly’s presentations on Relevant Radio a few weeks ago when he started talking about the Classroom of Silence. When he was 19 years old, Matthew started spending 10 minutes every day at church. He visited outside of Mass hours, sitting in the chapel and asking God, “What do you want me to do?” Those little interludes in the “classroom of silence” really started the process of grounding him in the Catholic faith.

I started doing the same thing a few weeks ago. My attendance hasn’t been perfect — I’ve missed every weekend AND Monday through Wednesday of this week — but I’m already starting to appreciate the value of that time. When I’m sitting in the front row of the chapel, I try to open myself up to God’s will. I try not to think about my day, my work, or any of the many other distractions that threaten to intrude.  Instead, I focus on why I’m there and try to hear God’s voice.

No matter how turbulent my day has been, I find myself surprisingly refreshed when I’m finished. What a fantastic return for such a small investment!

I am challenging myself to make this a regular, daily habit. Give it a try. Stop by on your way to work, on your way home, or during a lunch break.  I think you’ll agree that it will become one of the best investments of your time.

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