Brian Munoz

Expert Platform 1: Brian Munoz

Author’s note: The Expert Platform podcast was launched in support of Tekton Press. Although I shuttered the business and put the podcast on indefinite hold, I’m keeping the episodes online on YouTube. I was fortunate to have wonderful guests like Brian. I learned a lot from our conversation, and I hope you benefit from it as well.

Podcast 1:37:19 | YouTube

Brian Munoz

Men’s Life and Health Coach
Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

Show Description

He’s been an undercover investigator, SWAT team tactical member, Men’s Health Ultimate Guy semi-finalist, and so much more. In this episode, Brian shares how you can live a life of purpose, authenticity, and integrity, and exactly how he’s been KILLING IT on Instagram.

Time Stamps

  • 2:18 The heart-breaking police call that launched Brian on the path to his coaching business
  • 17:00¬†How Brian’s father exemplified hard work
  • 23:06: Brian’s new venture
  • 26:45: His first exposure to entrepreneurship
  • 32:40: Why Brian retired very early
  • 40:30: Brian’s physique competition
  • 46:36: How his training changed to become a physique competitor
  • 59:04: How to find your Purpose
  • 1:10:38: Brian’s social media strategy
  • 1:13:12: The exact strategy he used to increase his Instagram followers by 67% in two months
  • 1:27:21: His daily gratitude and success plan
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