Expert Platform 2: Vinny Tafuro

Vinny Tafuro

Author’s note: The Expert Platform podcast was launched in support of Tekton Press. Although I shuttered the business and put the podcast on indefinite hold, I’m keeping the episodes online on YouTube. I was fortunate to have wonderful guests like Vinny. I learned a lot from our conversation, and I hope you benefit from it as well.

Podcast 1:36:23 | YouTube

Vinny Tafuro

Economist and Author, Unlocking the Labor Cage
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Show Description

Vinny Tafuro is the author of Unlocking the Labor Cage, a cutting-edge economist, and visionary futurist. Vinny is absolutely brilliant, and I learned a lot from our conversation.From how one gentleman’s garage tinkering created the middle class to the future of work itself—and how today’s tinkerers just might usher in massive economic change—we covered a lot of ground. If you’re interested in the near future, this episode is for you.

Time Stamps

  • 2:15: How tinkering around created the middle class
  • 7:00: Why Vinny wrote Corporate Empathy
  • 9:36: A thought on why so many big companies have harsh cultures
  • 16:35: Conscious Capitalism and changing the culture of business as a whole
  • 20:36: How Vinny started the Florida Chapter of Conscious Capitalism
  • 27:02: Comparing corporations to sociopaths?
  • 32:11: So, what IS the future of work?
  • 35:58: A new method of exchanging currency
  • 48:41: Why it’s time to replace GDP as an economic metric
  • 1:07:19: How to re-tool the delivery and cost of higher education
  • 1:14:27: How following curiosities instead of passions can make all the difference
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