The journey from Baptist to Catholic

Chronicling my thoughts on the journey from Baptist to Catholic, touching on other aspects of the Catholic faith, and current news related to the Church.

I have enjoyed reading and writing for as long as I can remember. My parents remember me writing science fiction and scripts for video games. I briefly hosted a blog on the old MySpace (I’m so ashamed!) as well as one on Blogger. For one reason or another, I haven’t kept up nearly as well as I wanted to over the past six or seven years.

This blog category is my project to fix that. A portion of my posts will be dedicated to topics that directly related to my journey from Baptist to Catholic. I also plan to touch on other aspects of our faith, and may dive a bit into current news as it relates to the Church. In addition to providing myself with a creative outlet, I hope that what I write is informative and perhaps even thought-provoking. And if I can help even one other person come home to the Catholic church — either through conversion or as a returning cradle Catholic — then I’d say it will have been well worth the effort.

Please feel free to comment on anything I write and share as appropriate. Thank you for visiting!

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