“He actually ran and hid under a desk!”

Yep. That’s what an IT support person did when someone from Marketing came looking for him.

It had been three weeks since he’d opened a support ticket, and it still hadn’t been resolved.

While stand-offish, slow(er)-to-respond IT departments were typical in the 90’s, this incident took place at a prior employer just a few years ago.

We’re nearly three decades into the 21st century, and all areas of business are evolving:

  • Truly successful marketing is now omnichannel
  • Artificial intelligence is putting business intelligence on steroids
  • The workforce continues tilting away from FTEs in favor of contingent workers

IT is starting to evolve as well. Forward-thinking executives are rethinking everything from authentication to wearables.

Analytics teams know how to code. Application Development doesn’t always report to IT. Next-gen CIOs use technology to innovate in the customer space, à la Stephen Gillett.

And change is only accelerating.

It’s an exciting time to be in business. And it’s a wonderful opportunity for all of us to shape the future of work.

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