Podcast Appearances

Twelve Minute Talks with Lorena Tomasini

Selling for Introverts

“In this episode, he does a deep dive on the three P’s any introvert (or person in general) can use to start selling, or gain their first customer. With such high unemployment rates, it’s an episode you won’t want to miss.”

The Outsourcing Podcast​

The Three Rules for Outsourcing with Paul Miller​

“In this episode of The Outsourcing Oasis Podcast, we welcome Paul Miller. He has ample experience with outsourcing, having outsourced talent himself, and also as a provider. He talks about how he found his current team at Battlestar Digital and shares his tips for using job boards to find developers in the Philippines.”

My Book

Cover of book "Help! My Toddler Won't Sleep!"

HELP! My Toddler Won't Sleep!

The Gentle Fix for Toddlers Who Just Won't Sleep

Whether you’ve tried other methods already or are just getting started, this book will show you exactly how to finally teach your young toddler how to sleep… so you can rest easy, too.

In This Quick Read You’ll Learn: