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On Having the Intensity of a Founder

I used to wonder how to have the intensity of a founder. The drive, the insane edge you can just FEEL whenever you see them.

Today, I finally figured it out.

It’s no secret, really. Obviously not. Some world-class (real) coaches teach it.

I’m not talking about the ability to command a room when you walk in, or having an almost hypnotic charisma.

That’s cool, and I think some of it can be learned, but maybe some of that is genetic.

It doesn’t matter. What I’m talking about is the intensity and drive that allows founders to WIN at such a higher level than the average worker-bee.

I got away from it over the past few months, giving in to the temptation to make excuses: I’m suddenly too busy, I’ll do it tomorrow, blah blah blah.

Besides, I probably NEEDED to get away from it in order to learn just how powerful it is.

Garret White calls it The Daily War. Chris Evans and Taylor Welch teach it as well.

It’s an unrelenting focus on a few small things, practices that don’t take much time at all, that add up to huge wins. AND, following those practices set you up for the rest of the day.

The components of The Daily War and The Morning Formula change from one person to the next. That part’s not important. The part that IS important is the focus on key areas: body, mind, spirit, business

For me, that means reading a daily formula, daily Bible reading, daily affirmations, and daily exercise. And practicing business the way you’re supposed to: by setting goals and then doing exactly what needs to be done to achieve them.

That daily practice is the fuel that drives my intensity. One I found I was missing, until I got back in the habit.

Own a business? Want to own one? Then start your own Daily War or Morning Formula.

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