Why Can’t They See the Paradigm Shift?!

I'm on a number of mailing lists for recruiters (most of whom seem to be located in New Jersey, but that's another story). But what's with THIS one?

I’m on a number of mailing lists for recruiters (most of whom seem to be located in New Jersey, but that’s another story).

What I don’t understand is why so many companies are hiring for remote workers until “the situation gets normal” / “the ‘quarantine’ ends” / insert favorite catchphrase here.

Remote work has been the future for information workers for quite some time now. It’s practically inevitable.

Smart companies have already moved to a 100% remote / distributed model.

There are wins for everyone:

  • Better work/life balance
  • No 45-minute commute = less-stressed employee
  • Improved quality of life for both you and your employees
  • Lower fixed expenses for your business (e.g., no office rent)
  • Lower insurance costs for your business (e.g., flood insurance)
  • More productive workers
  • Larger talent pool for your business

So why are so many companies so eager to return to the old way of doing things?

It often takes a big disruptive event to wake us from our routines.

Is it stubbornness, an “I refuse to change because what’s always worked must be the right way, history is stupid, and I can win against the future!” mentality?

I just spoke with a strategic partner who made this change months ago. Instant five-figure monthly cost reduction.

Talk about a timely move!

Automaticc is now 100% distributed ⁠— and was 99% distributed for most of its life ⁠—and I’d say they’re doing alright.

Sticking with a remote/distributed model is:

  1. A win-win
  2. A competitive advantage
  3. An operational improvement

What are you doing to take advantage of the silver lining??

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