Stress Leads to Growth

Business is like fitness -- even if that's not your niche. Here's what the stress does to it.

Business is like fitness: you won’t magically wake up one morning with 22″ biceps and tree trunks for legs.

Neither will you magically wake up one morning with a 40% increase in revenue (unless you jumped on the mask bandwagon early enough).

It’s the stress caused by:

  • Not having an on-boarding system… and then taking the time to put one in place
  • Inadequate (or non-existent!) written procedures… and then sitting down and actually writing them
  • Having the wrong team — or no team at all… and then investing in the right people, firing the wrong ones (or, if you don’t have a team, getting out of your own way and TRUSTING others to help you)

The short-term stress caused by investing the time to take care of these activities is more than offset by the long-term gain.

Your body will reward you when you invest time in the squat rack.

Your business will reward you when you invest time in systems and people.

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